Why we do it?

This shocking number of people who are addicted to opioid and other high grade pain suppressen have raised an immediate call for solutions. Prescription pain killer’s, in addition to being highly addictive, never really cure the pain, and brings along whole plethora of side effects. 

The answer came to us from Mother nature and it abilities to cure its own. We choose to believe that, pain can be a thing of the past. Every moment you are free of pain, we consider a milestone in our journey. We know pain, so you have NO PAIN. KNOW PAIN, NO PAIN!

Only 1000 bottles per month

We believe in providing fresh ingredients for our every day user. To achieve this freshness we will not be able to bulk order any of our product at this time. The fact that most our products are grown ground up, we might not be able to get all RARE ingredients at the time of some natural disaster. For this purpose we have created a cap on number of bottle made per month.

At this moment our cap for monthly supply will be at 1000 bottles. We hope one day we are able to accommodate more of you to our family…

About Us

A care combination of ancient wisdom with modern technology. Our company is a think tank of diverse gifted individuals, who believe in the power of Natures healing touch.

We believe with the power of nature, we could a create a brighter reality for human, as well as set a great example for who are coming after us

  • Blend of Eastern mystism and western advancement.
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Hand blend & proudly made in America.